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Taking Care of Business Huey Style!


J&R Flying Service UH-1 Huey Helicopters "Taking Care of Business."...

Published by Nerdman
22 May 2018

DIY Drill powered Go Kart


Homemade drill powered electric gokart for kids.
Made from 21mm plywood, wheelbarrow wheels, some tubes, old bicycle parts. and 9.6v screwdriver.
Basic tools are used....

Published by Nerdman
21 May 2018

Review of an Incredible RC Truck 6x6 with Palfinger Crane


Yes, the Palfinger Crane made by ScaleART - something very special.
It's a big pleasure for me to share this outstanding RC Truck with you - this is pure high-tech. As I don't know how many hours, weeks or months it took ScaleART to design and engineer this special truck, but it must have been many. The mechanism is working as it should if you compare it to the real crane, all functions can be used and at full scope of the crane, it can load 0.5 kilos (!!) - that's a lot. I hope you'll like this video - soon I'll show you an outside video at the construction site - hopefully weather gets better soon.

Greetings from Germany, BJ:-)

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Published by Nerdman
17 May 2018

Amazing Octopus - Most Intelligent Animal on Earth? 1080p


An incredible exploration of one of the ocean's most complex and enigmatic creatures, and a reminder why these beautiful animals should be protected and studied, not served at Sushi restaurants.

Better audio and editing: https://youtu.be/GJor1sk_JDI

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How has the octopus become so intelligent and capable of thinking in the abstractT Watch fascinating and often hilarious experiments to see just how smart they are.

After this video, you'll never think about the octopus the same.

In this fascinating documentary we get to see how octopuses behave in the wild too. Off the coast of Vancouver Island, underwater divers are watche...

Published by Nerdman
15 May 2018
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