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Handmade Flying Baloons / Plastic Bags Massive Explosion in the Sky!


This is a scientific experiment. We don't want you to do it yourself!
You will find there the most unusual inventions and #experiments with #electricity. Here we share outstanding ideas and implement the most daring #ideas in life.
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Published by Nerdman
24 Apr 2018

How to install Earthing


What happen when do they install earthingT...

Published by Nerdman
24 Apr 2018

P. T. Barnum?s 10 Most Famous Human ?Freak? Show Attractions


During the 1800s, Phineas Taylor Barnum T better known as TP.T. BarnumT T became famous as TThe Great American Showman.T Barnum specialized in displaying odd and intriguing attractions to audiences who were eager to pay to see something out of the ordinary.

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Published by Nerdman
24 Apr 2018

5 Mysteries that May Never Be Explained


5 mysterious places, lights in the sky, objects in space, and creepy events that may never be explained...
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Dark5 presents 5 haunting mysteries that may never be explained, including the Patomskiy Crater, the Hessdalen Lights, the Toxic Lady, the Carroll A. Deering Incident in the Bermuda Triangle, and the possible intelligent megastructure built around the distant star KIC 8462852....

Published by Nerdman
29 Aug 2017

Betelgeuse Supernova and Its Impact On Earth - Documentary


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Published by Nerdman
24 Jun 2017

See Through Model Rocket Engine - FULL ENGINE - Slow Motion 4K


A Model Rocket Engine that you can See Through, see inside, how it works and burns through the various stages, I filmed it in 4k slow motion and ultra slow motion so we can see exactly how the fuel burns and produces thrust inside the solid rocket booster.
This transparent model rocket engine shows you what's going on inside that little engine when it launches.
This is very similar to how a solid rocket booster works on various other rockets as well.

Program Guide:
00:00 Intro
01:00 Build Transparent Engine
02:32 How to c...

Published by Nerdman
24 Jun 2017
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